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what is IBU in beer written across 3 beer bottles with blank white labels

What is IBU in Beer?

IBU is the International Bittering Units scale. IBU and ABV (Alcohol By Volume) are the most common measurements of a beer’s contents used by the beer industry to describe their products.

bottle of mead next to two empty glasses in front of Napa-like backdrop

Is Mead Beer?

Is mead beer? Is it wine? A cider perhaps? As someone who’s enjoyed ALL the wines, beers and SOME cider, I can tell you…

how long does beef jerky last after opening the bag

How Long Does Beef Jerky Last After Opening?

Properly sealed and stored beef jerky can, in theory, last indefinitely. But once you open the package, you start the clock. Most store-bought beef jerky instructs consumers to “eat within 3 days after opening” for ultimate freshness. It can still be good for a few days after, but only if you seal and store it properly.